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I recently wrote about two people getting injured at two different swimming pools on hotel properties in the city – one of whom lost his life due to the severity of his injuries. Now comes news of another scary moment at a hotel pool – but this time, dozens of people were affected.

On August 27, almost a hundred people were treated at the MGM Grand Hotel for breathing problems after being overcome by fumes in the pool area. In addition, about 26 others had to be taken to a hospital to be examined. After receiving a 911 call from the hotel, a Clark County Hazardous Materials Team was dispatched to the pool area in response to a foul smell.

So what was the cause of these dangerous fumes?

Authorities quickly determined that a malfunctioning pool pump was dumping hazardous amounts of sodium hydroxide into the hotel’s pool, essentially overchlorinating the water. Hazmat crews said that it was rare for a pump to fail in this manner.

This incident illustrates that terrible things can happen at a swimming pool even when all procedures are followed correctly. Though it’s unclear how serious the injuries were at the MGM Grand, the inhalation of fumes can result in scarring of the trachea or nasal passages, long-term respiratory problems, and even death.

If you or a family member required treatment after being overcome by fumes at a swimming pool, you may want to speak to a personal injury lawyer – especially if you had to pay for medical expenses as a result.