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Obviously, this blog spends a lot of time talking about the auto accidents that take place in the valley. But you may be wondering: how does Las Vegas stack up against other cities in terms of car crashes?

Allstate Insurance sought to answer that question. That’s why the insurer compiled its rankings of cities based on how often accidents take place. Allstate ranked 195 American cities with over 100,000 people by tabulating the average length of time that each city’s resident goes between auto accidents. For the entire country, the average U.S. driver has one accident every 10 years.

So how did Las Vegas fare? Not well.

Sin City was 136th on Allstate’s list, which puts Vegas in the bottom third of U.S. cities. The average Las Vegas resident gets into an accident every 8.6 years, which is 16.7% above the national average. North Las Vegas fared slightly better, coming in ten spots above its big brother. Residents there wait 8.7 years between accidents.

The Vegas suburb of Henderson posted a more respectable showing. It was the 70th safest city surveyed, with residents reporting one accident every 9.9 years on average. Unfortunately, valley residents may have to listen to gloating by residents in Reno, which was listed as the 8th safest city in the U.S. It takes an average of 12.3 years before a Reno resident gets into an accident.

The safest city in America according to Allstate? Sioux City, South Dakota – where residents wait 13.8 years between fender benders.

The most dangerous city on the list? Not a huge surprise. It’s Washington, DC. Residents of our nation’s capital get into wrecks an average of once every 4.7 years – or almost three times as often as people who live in Sioux City.