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Accidents Caused by Uninsured Drivers Present Unique Challenges

Being the victim of a traffic accident is always difficult, but it can be even more of a struggle when you are hit by an uninsured driver. In addition, many uninsured drivers flee the scene, which adds the additional step of determining who the driver was in order to hold them responsible. When the driver who injures you does not have insurance or the independent financial means to provide you with the compensation you deserve, you will find yourself going head to head against your own insurance company in an effort to recover compensation. This is exactly the sort of situation in which we can be of help.

Uninsured Drivers are More Common than You May Think

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, roughly 14% of drivers across the country are uninsured. There are a few issues that contribute to this high number. First of all, some unsafe drivers either cannot obtain insurance or find it to be cost prohibitive due to a history of drunk driving convictions or other traffic crime issues. Furthermore, if drivers are living paycheck to paycheck paying for insurance may not be a top priority. Regardless of the reason a driver does not have insurance, the end result is the same when that person is in an accident. The person or people they injure can rarely collect directly from the driver, so uninsured motorist coverage becomes extremely important.

Ride sharing Companies Present New Uninsured Driver Issues

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently reported on a new uninsured driver issue regarding ridesharing companies like Uber-X. According to the report, insurance industry representatives have told the Nevada Transportation Authority that drivers for these companies may have their insurance policies revoked because insurance coverage on their personal vehicles would not apply to commercial driving. In other words, if you are struck by someone driving for one of these services then their insurance company may refuse to compensate you for your injuries. Some of these drivers may have appropriate insurance that covers their commercial activities, but that insurance is usually much more expensive than non-commercial coverage insurance. While many ridesharing companies provide “excess” coverage, which covers injuries above and beyond what the drivers’ insurance covers, it is unclear whether these excess policies will kick in if the drivers’ insurance is voided and covers nothing. This could leave the victims of these accidents relying on their own uninsured driver policies for compensation.

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