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Accidents and Serious Injuries Could Occur Due to High Volume of Moving Vans, Trucks on Las Vegas Roads

If you think you’ve been seeing more trucks owned by moving companies or transport rental firms while you’ve been out driving, you’re probably right. Because of the lackluster economy in the Las Vegas area, many residents are relocating to other parts of the country.

Some statistics bear this out. The Census Bureau reports a jump in outward migration from Clark County over last year at this time. Moving companies like Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines are reporting a drastic difference between “move-ins” to the Las Vegas area and “move-outs” away from it, while U-Haul says that outgoing rental trucks outnumber incoming rental vehicles by about two percent.

Economic repercussions aside, what this means for motorists in and around Las Vegas is an increase in moving trucks which could cause an increase in car and truck accidents.

Large moving trucks can be difficult to control if they have to stop or swerve suddenly. Self-serve rental trucks are often smaller but the drivers operating them generally have little experience with vehicles that size – meaning they are more likely to cause a wreck.

In addition, some U-Haul managers in the area are seeing a hike in walk-in rentals, which implies that more people are moving with little notice. If this is the case, such individuals may not be taking the time to properly secure their loads before getting on the road. An unsecured or suddenly-shifting load can lead to a deadly motor vehicle accident.

If you have been hurt in an accident involving a commercial or self-service moving truck, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Be sure to seek out a qualified truck accident lawyer to handle your case.