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St. Patrick’s Day is the holiday where everyone suddenly becomes "Irish." For many of them, that translates into going out and partying in and around Las Vegas. But for one driver, the color "green" was not so lucky.

A three-vehicle crash took place around 9:15pm Saturday night at the North Las Vegas intersection of Simmons Street and Lake Mead Boulevard just southeast of the North Las Vegas Airport. According to a preliminary investigation, a pickup truck had approached the intersection and tried to turn left on a green light. However, it was not a protected green arrow, which meant that the driver was required to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. The driver apparently did not do so and slammed into an oncoming sport utility vehicle, which was pushed into another pickup truck next to it. A total of 8 people had to be taken to nearby hospitals.

From the information provided, it looks like the driver of the truck that was trying to make a left turn will be held responsible for the injuries sustained by the accident victims. If they wish, these individuals could file personal injury lawsuits against the truck’s driver in an effort to collect reimbursement for any medical expenses they incurred as a result of the collision. If the victims’ injuries were serious enough for them to have to miss work, they could also receive compensation for those unearned wages. There’s also a chance that a jury could award damages for pain and suffering as well.