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Two of the biggest factors in auto accidents are excessive speed and driving during the early morning hours. And when you have two vehicles next to each other and their drivers are not exercising good judgment, you have a recipe for disaster.

These elements led to a multi-vehicle accident in Las Vegas early this morning. Around 1:45am, authorities say that two cars were traveling westbound on East Flamingo Road at a high rate of speed. On the stretch of Flamingo just northeast of UNLV, the two drivers lost control and their vehicles clipped each other. One of the cars (a green Chevy Corvette) careened into a utility pole. The other car slammed into five other cars on Flamingo. A total of five people were taken to a nearby hospital, and one of them reportedly suffered a serious head injury.

It’s not clear whether the injured were in the two vehicles that clipped each other or the five others which were hit by the out of control car. Although officials are still investigating the auto accident, it appears that the drivers of the two speeding cars will probably be held liable for the injuries that occurred as a result of the crash. That means the victims could file personal injury lawsuits against the drivers with the goal of getting reimbursed for medical bills, ambulance charges, and lost wages from missed time at work. It is also possible that a jury could award damages for pain and suffering to the plaintiffs as well.