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The headline of this news article reads, "Weather blamed for three-vehicle crash." But even though inclement weather may have been a major factor in the wreck, the liability in the auto accident does not lie with Mother Nature.

The collision in question happened yesterday afternoon on State Route 163 west of Laughlin. Around 2pm, a senior citizen from California was driving west near Mile Marker 12 when he reportedly lost control of his Nissan minivan. The minivan slid into the eastbound lanes of traffic and struck a Dodge and then another vehicle. A total of three people in the two eastbound vehicles were injured and had to be transported to area hospitals. The Nevada Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash, but noted that it was raining when the collision occurred.

Despite the bad weather, the California man will almost certainly be to blame for the auto accident and the ensuing injuries. That means the three victims have solid grounds for personal injury lawsuits against the elderly man. Even though he lives in California, any such lawsuits would be filed in Nevada because it is where the accident took place.

These types of suits could allow the three victims to receive reimbursement for hospital expenses, ambulance charges, and treatment costs (including physical therapy). If the injured individuals had to miss work because of the crash, they could collect compensation for those unearned wages as well. A jury may even award them damages for pain and suffering.

It’s important to always remember that if you choose to drive in inclement weather, you are still responsible for any accident you might cause.