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It’s sad but not unusual to read about fatal auto accidents involving teenagers who were out driving during the wee hours of the morning on a weekend. This is especially true if excessive speed, alcohol, or drugs are thrown into the mix. But it is much rarer to hear about teens dying in a collision in broad daylight where someone else was completely at fault.

Tragically, that was how two 19-year old men lost their lives this past weekend in Henderson. The two friends and a third 18-year old buddy were running an errand Saturday afternoon just after 2:45pm. They were traveling eastbound on Windmill Parkway near Thayer Avenue (just west of Green Valley Parkway) in a Dodge Stratus when an oncoming PT Cruiser tried to turn left into The Acacias apartment complex. The Stratus was unable to avoid the PT Cruiser, and the ensuing collision killed the two 19-year olds. The 18-year old man was rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center with fractured ribs along with a broken eye socket, nose, right arm, and femur.

From the information given, it appears that the blame can be placed squarely on the 86-year old driver of the PT Cruiser (who also died shortly after the crash). This means that the families of the victims who died have the option of filing wrongful death lawsuits against the estate of the elderly man. In addition, the injured teen could file a personal injury lawsuit against the PT Cruiser driver’s estate as well.