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The final "three-day weekend" on the 2012 calendar is in the books. By most accounts, the vast majority of people in and around Las Vegas had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, there were two rollover crashes that resulted in casualties on the area’s roadways.

On Sunday night, a single-vehicle accident was reported in the Lake Mead Recreational Area. According to the National Park Service, one vehicle tried to pass another in a no-passing zone on Northshore Road near Mile Marker 23 around 6pm. The passing vehicle reportedly ran off the road and flipped at least three times. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, and the passenger had to be airlifted to University Medical Center with unspecified injuries.

Then on Monday around 12:30pm, a car carrying two adults and two kids rolled over and crashed on the westbound side of Summerlin Parkway near Town Center Drive. The two adults were ejected from the vehicle, and all four occupants were rushed to UMC. Metro Police are still investigating exactly what caused the crash.

It is unclear if any or all of the occupants of either vehicle were related to one another. But if not, the passengers appear to have solid grounds to file personal injury lawsuits against the drivers of the vehicles that rolled over. Such legal action may allow the plaintiffs to be reimbursed for medical expenses and/or lost wages due to work absenteeism because of the crashes. This is true in the Lake Mead incident even though the driver died in the wreck; the passenger cloud still file suit against the driver’s estate.