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100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers Underway in Las Vegas

Summertime has arrived for teens in the valley! That means no school-related worries, lots of sunshine, and plenty of free time with which to relax with friends. But it’s also the time of the year during which teenagers are most likely to die in auto accidents.

That’s borne out by crash statistics, which indicate that the 100-day period between Memorial Day and Labor Day sees the highest number of deadly car crashes involving teens when compared to any other similar time period. As a result, safety groups and law enforcement agencies are launching a national campaign to raise awareness of the "100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers."

The initiative is designed to focus on the many factors which can lead to teen auto accidents. These include not wearing seat belts, cell phone use while driving, multitasking behind the wheel (like trying to put on makeup or eat while driving), alcohol and drug use, and messing with music players or car stereos. The campaign also encourages parents to make sure that teens get 100 hours of supervised driving before they are allowed to drive on their own.

In addition to the carnage and damage that auto accidents cause, parents should also be aware of the legal ramifications of these incidents. Teen drivers who cause accidents can be held responsible for the injuries and deaths of other motorists as well as the passengers in their own vehicles. If the teen drivers are minors, then it will be the parents who will be named as defendants in any subsequent personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death lawsuits that are filed by the victims and their families.

That’s why teen drivers need to exercise caution and care while enjoying the summer months. After all, they don’t want their summer to be memorable for the wrong reasons.