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Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Bicyclist

Las Vegas has crazy traffic. Between out of town visitors trying to find their way around town, locals struggling to commute, and taxis carrying around those who do not want to deal with the headache, our roads are full of cars. More and more people in Las Vegas are trying to avoid the whole mess by taking to bicycles, either for leisure, or in some cases, to commute. This can be a healthy and pleasant way to get around town, but with the city traffic it can also be dangerous, and some people wind up being seriously hurt or even killed in bicycle accidents. This makes it extremely important for bicyclists to understand their rights and responsibilities on the road. Knowing and following the rules can help prevent accidents from happening, but when they do happen, it can help ensure that the bicyclist does not wind up being blamed for his or her own injuries.

Nevada Bicycle Laws

In Nevada the rules for bicyclists are included in the same traffic statutes that cover cars and pedestrians. This rules lay out the relationship between motorists and bicyclists as they share the roadways. Drivers are not supposed to interfere with the movement of bicyclists who are lawfully riding their bike. They are expected to exercise due care when passing bikes, and are supposed to give the bicyclist at least three feet of room when doing so. When there are bike lanes or paths, bicyclists have the right-of-way in those lanes or paths, and cars should not stop, park, or drive in the lanes unless:

  • the motorist is entering or exiting an alley or driveway,
  • the motorist is operating or parking a disabled vehicle,
  • the motorist has to do so in order to avoid conflict with other traffic,
  • the motorist is doing so in performance of official duties (think police cars or fire trucks),
  • the motorist is doing so because a police officer has directed him or her to do so, or
  • there is some other emergency.

Responsibilities of Bicyclists

The law also places some responsibilities on bicyclists. Bike riders are not allowed to intentionally interfere with the movement of a motor vehicle. They are also not allowed to overtake and pass a motor vehicle unless they can do so safely without endangering either themselves or the occupants of the motor vehicle. Nevada Revised Statute 484B.770 also limits where bicyclists are allowed to ride. This does not mean which roadways the bicyclists are allowed to ride on, but instead, where on the bicycle itself they are allowed to ride. Under Nevada law the person propelling the bike must be on an actual seat attached to the bike, and no bike can be used to carry more people than it was designed to carry. This means that if you allow someone to ride, for example, on your handlebars, you are breaking the law. Bicyclists are generally expected to ride on the right side of the roadway except when turning left, when going as fast as the traffic around them, or when safety requires them to move from the far right side of the road. Also, bicyclists should ride no more than two abreast.

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