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“Wrestling Diva” Injured in Las Vegas Multi-Vehicle Accident

If you have ever been involved in a Las Vegas auto accident, you may have thought at one time, "Why me?" Well, it may (but probably won’t) make you feel better than even celebrities can get victimized in motor vehicle collisions in Sin City.

Last week, a multi-vehicle pileup resulted in Rosa Mendes being taken to a hospital for observation. Wrestling fans know that the 32-year old Mendes is a WWE female wrestler, also known as a "diva."

About 6:45pm Friday evening, Mendes was sitting in the front passenger seat of her friend’s Hummer, which was stopped at a traffic light. Behind the Hummer, a Mercedes reportedly tried to switch lanes from a turning lane, and that set off a chain-reaction that eventually enveloped at least five vehicles, including a truck which jackknifed. One of the vehicles slid into the back of the Hummer at a high rate of speed.

Mendes was wearing her seat belt, but was forced to the floor of the vehicle from the impact. She was taken to a nearby hospital with head and neck injuries, but was released a few hours later. There’s no word on whether her injuries are severe enough to keep her from wrestling.

The accident is still under investigation, so it’s unclear whether blame will be placed on the Mercedes driver who started the chain of events, the driver of the vehicle which rear-ended the Hummer, or someone else. After the probe is complete, Mendes will have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person or persons responsible.