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Woman Runs Over Boyfriend in Las Vegas

This blog talks about many of the dangers that exist on the roadways in and around Las Vegas. Road conditions, other motorists, and various objects all have the potential to be a part of a deadly auto accident. But you wouldn’t think that you would be at risk in your own driveway.

Sadly, that’s not the case.

A man is dead after he was run over by his girlfriend in the driveway of their Las Vegas home. The incident happened around 10pm Monday night on Mammoth Creek Drive near West Rochelle Avenue, about a quarter mile west of South Buffalo Drive in the Spring Valley area. According to Metro Police, the man and his 33-year old live-in girlfriend had an argument, and she got into her car in the garage. When she started backing out, the man tried to block her by standing behind the vehicle. Witnesses say that the car continued to back over the man, who was found dead underneath the car when authorities arrived. The woman was taken into custody by police.

At this point, police don’t know if the death was accidental or intentional. Either way, the family members of the man still have strong grounds of a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman. This suit could allow the plaintiffs to collect reimbursement of burial expenses, compensation for the estimated wages that the man would have earned in his lifetime had the auto accident never occurred, and perhaps even monetary damages for pain and suffering and loss of companionship.