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Who is Responsible When You are Injured by a Drunk Person?

Drunk driving accidents and other alcohol-related injuries and deaths are far too common. Various states have adopted different ways of dealing with these situations. On the criminal side of things, drunk driving is being considered a more and more serious crime as time goes on, with some repeat offenders facing serious prison time. On the civil side of things, when drunk drivers cause accidents they can be sued for personal injury or wrongful death. But is there anyone else who can be held responsible other than the drunk driver?


What is Dram Shop Liability?

You may have heard of something called “dram shop liability” or a “dram shop act.” Some states have these laws. These laws say that a business that sells alcoholic drinks or hosts who serve alcoholic drinks can, under some circumstances, be held responsible if a drunk patron or guest goes on to hurt another person. Different states have different rules about what sorts of businesses are covered. For example, in some states a bartender may be liable if he or she over-serves a customer, but a clerk who sells someone a six-pack at a grocery store may not be since the clerk does not have the same prolonged interaction with the patron. Nevada’s take on dram shop liability is very conservative and only holds a very limited set of people responsible.

What is Nevada Law Regarding Dram Shop Liability?

Generally speaking, if the drunk person in question is age 21 or older, Nevada law specifically does not allow people who furnish, serve, or provide alcohol to a drunk person to be held civilly liable for the drunk person’s actions. In other words, if you are injured by a drunk individual in Nevada, and that drunk person is old enough to drink legally, then as a general rule you cannot sue the person who got him or her drunk. However, the situation changes if the drunk person who injures you is under age 21. If a person knowingly serves, sells, or furnishes alcohol to an underaged person, or knowingly allows an underaged person to consume alcoholic beverages on premises he or she controls, then the person can be held civilly liable. This means that if you are injured by a drunk person who is under 21 years old, you may be able to hold the person who let them drink or gave them booze responsible in court. There are limitations on this, however, when it comes to places that are licensed to serve, sell, or furnish alcohol, so it is not a slam dunk. It all depends on who provided the alcohol.

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