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What To Do If You Discover Improper Child Care Discipline

It’s hard to entrust your child into someone else’s care, even if it’s just for the day. That’s why whether you live in Clark County, Henderson, Pahrump, or Las Vegas, finding the right child care facility is vital for your peace of mind.

But how do you know the personnel at the day care facility will treat your son or daughter well?

The key to appropriate care for children at a child care facility is how the caregivers maintain discipline among the children they oversee. With kids being kids, there are bound to be some conflicts between children and their caregivers or other kids. That’s why it is important, as a parent, to know how caregivers will respond to such situations. Because failing to do so properly may have damaging effects on your child.

According to, caregivers are violating child care disciplinary fundamentals if they:

  • spank, hit, strike, pinch, or bite a child
  • humiliate, verbally abuse, or shame a child
  • use profanity in front of a child
  • make disparaging remarks about the child or his or her family
  • confine a child in a closed-off area (such as a closet, room, or box)
  • prevent a child from drinking, eating, using the bathroom, or sleeping as part of punishment
  • let one child discipline another
  • engage in any harsh, cruel, or unusual punishment

If you see a caregiver employing any of this inappropriate disciplinary activity with your child or anyone else’s, or if you hear a caregiver talking about utilizing such punishment, report this to the facility director or manager. If your child makes accusations about unsuitable caregiver discipline, give your child the benefit of the doubt. And don’t ever hesitate to pull your child out of a potentially harmful situation.

If you feel your child has been injured as a result of inept discipline or negligence from caregivers, contact a personal injury lawyer to see about filing suit against the facility.