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UPDATE – Fatal Hit-And-Run Suspect Pleads Guilty

Readers of this blog have been following this year’s frustrating case of a hit-and-run accident which killed a mother of two and seriously injured a man. The January 11 collision on Interstate 15 near Blue Diamond Road in Las Vegas claimed the life of Inaya Sabra and caused serious injuries to Matthew Kedzierski. Natalie Dawn Dubuisson was reportedly driving her Mercedes at a speed of nearly 110 miles an hour when she struck Kedzierski’s pickup truck and then crashed into Sabra’s sport utility vehicle.

The 31-year old Dubuisson then fled the scene on foot and vanished for about two weeks. About two months later, the suspect turned herself in to authorities but did not attempt to explain her actions. It was only when her DNA was matched to the Mercedes’ steering wheel airbag that Dubuisson was charged with six different offenses.

Now, the accident victims and their families can finally get some satisfaction. Yesterday, Dubuisson pled guilty to charges of reckless driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. She will be sentenced on August 18 and could face up to a total of 21 years in prison.

Since Dubuisson has officially admitted to causing the hit-and-run accident, any lawsuits filed by Kedzierski or Sabra’s family members can now proceed. Her admission of guilt will serve as evidence of culpability if the plaintiffs seek compensation for medical costs and mental anguish. The plaintiffs do not have to wait for Dubuisson to be sentenced before filing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.