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UPDATE: Dubuisson Arrested in January’s Fatal Hit-And-Run Accident

Back in January, we told you about Inaya Sabra, who was killed when her sport utility vehicle was struck by a Mercedes on Interstate 15. Witnesses say that the driver of the Mercedes, Natalie Dubuisson, was driving at around 110 miles per hour when she struck the SUV as well as a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup, Matthew Kedzierski, suffered serious injuries.

However, Dubuisson fled the scene of the accident and went missing for about two weeks. Later that month, Dubuisson turned herself in to authorities but did not give a statement, which made it harder for authorities to prosecute her. Police did take DNA samples from her, and these samples were later matched to DNA that was found on the Mercedes’ airbag.

So this week, Dubuisson was officially taken into custody on six different charges, including failure to render aid, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving. An arrest warrant was issued for the 31-year old late last month.

Because of this arrest, the criminal prosecution of Dubuisson can now go forward. Hopefully, this means that Kedzierski and the family of Sabra are one step closer to receiving the compensation they deserve after such a horrible tragedy. When the 44-year old Sabra died, she left behind two children.

There is also a moral to this story: if you are involved in an accident, do not flee the scene. You will be caught, and your actions will only make things worse. For Dubuisson, it means additional felony charges (for leaving the scene of an accident and failure to render aid) and quite possibly a criminal sentence which includes a lengthy period of incarceration.