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UPDATE: Bus Stop Accident Suspect Denies DUI Charge

The criminal case involving Gary Lee Hosey Jr. is starting to make its way through the court system. Hosey is the man who is accused of killing four people and injuring eight others after allegedly driving his car into a bus stop in Las Vegas last month. Witnesses say he was intoxicated, and authorities say his blood alcohol level was above the legal threshold of .08 – and that his bloodstream contained evidence of marijuana.

But this week in a Clark County courtroom, Hosey disputed the notion that he was impaired at the time of the crash. His attorney claims that Hosey’s BAC was actually below .08 at the time of the auto-pedestrian accident, and that the test which revealed traces of marijuana was not backed by science. But the attorney did note that Hosey does take responsibility for his actions and is extremely remorseful.

It remains to be seen precisely what crimes Hosey will be convicted of; but for victims and their family members, the lawyer’s statement was important. Since Hosey is basically admitting that he is to blame for the crash and the resulting casualties, there should be enough evidence to more forward with any personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits that may be filed. That’s because the outcomes of these civil suits do not directly hinge on a guilty verdict in Hosey’s criminal case. The plaintiffs will likely sue for reimbursement of medical and/or burial expenses, monetary damages for loss of care and companionship and/or mental anguish, and compensation for other related expenses.