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Toddler Breaks Leg in 2-Car Crash

Parents do everything they can to keep their young children safe. They baby-proof their home. They anchor heavy furniture to the walls. They constantly watch out for potential dangers which may harm their kids. And they secure these youngsters in child safety seats when traveling by car.

But even when parents take every precaution, little ones sometimes get hurt.

That’s why authorities are trying to determine the cause of an auto accident that left a 1-year old child with a broken leg and critically injured a 23-year old woman. On Tuesday evening, a Nissan Sentra was trying to exit the Emerald Apartments on Sahara Avenue a quarter mile west of Nellis Boulevard in the east valley. But the Sentra struck a Hyundai Sonata traveling eastbound on Sahara, and all four occupants of the Sentra sustained injuries. The 23-year old female driver was rushed to University Medical Center in critical condition. In addition to the injury to the toddler, two other adult passengers were taken to UMC as a precaution. The Sonata driver was uninjured.

It’s not clear who is to blame in the auto accident. If the driver of the Sonata failed to yield the right of way to the Sentra, then the Sonata’s driver could be held responsible for all of the injuries suffered in the collision. But if the Sentra driver was guilty of not yielding the right of way to the passing Sonata, then the 23-year old woman may be held liable for her passengers’ injuries. (It’s unclear whether the driver is the mother of the toddler.)