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Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Grocery Store Slips and Falls

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere–sidewalks, casinos, and even grocery stores are possible fall sites. But one of the most common sites of these injuries both in Las Vegas and nationwide is somewhere almost everyone must go: the grocery store. Between slick floors, common spills, and constant foot traffic, these stores can be an accident waiting to happen.

Who is at Fault if I Fall at the Grocery Store?

There are a variety of factors that come in to play to determine who is at fault when you are injured in a slip and fall at a grocery store. This is because the grocery store has a duty of care to make sure that people who visit its store do not get hurt. This does not mean that they are responsible for all injuries that happen in their stores. For example, if your shoelace comes untied, you trip over your own shoelace, and you fall to the ground, it may be difficult to establish that the grocery store was at fault. But if your accident is caused by the grocery store or caused by a dangerous condition the grocery store employees knew about and did not correct, then the store may very well be at fault. Thanks to a Nevada Supreme Court decision this is even the case where the condition that caused the injury is “open and obvious.” In that case a man tripped over a wooden pallet at a Costco. The Court ruled that a Nevada landowner may have a duty to exercise reasonable care to keep invitees like customers safe from even open and obvious dangers.

What Kind of Lawsuit is a Slip and Fall Case?

Every case is unique, so some cases may involve multiple type of claims. However, most slip and fall cases will involve at least what is called a negligence claim. In Nevada there are certain things that the plaintiff (the person suing) has to prove in order to win a lawsuit. These are:

  1. that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care;
  2. that the defendant breached (did not live up to) that duty of care;
  3. that the breach was the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries (that the breach sufficiently related to the injury to be the cause); and
  4. that the plaintiff suffered damages.

Landowners have a duty in Nevada to exercise ordinary care and prudence to keep their land reasonably safe for people invited onto the land.

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