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The Link Between Las Vegas Auto Accidents and Car Insurance Rates

This blog talks about many of the adverse effects of auto accidents, such as property damage, injury, and death. But collisions also produce other consequences, such as a hike in auto insurance premiums for drivers. Of course, residents of Las Vegas already know a thing or two about high car insurance rates.

The Property and Casualty Insurance Association of America reports that Nevada is the eighth-most expensive state for auto insurance premiums. Whereas the national average premium for a six-month policy was $900 in 2009, Nevadans paid an average of $1,073 that year.

Not surprisingly, car insurance rates are generally higher in southern Nevada. After all, Las Vegas is a 24-hour city, which means more drivers during the high-risk nighttime hours. Plus, Sin City has more tourists than most other cities – which means they may not know the roads as well and are therefore more prone to accidents.

These high auto insurance rates in Las Vegas have an indirect effect on auto accident victims. The higher the premiums are, the more likely that a driver will not be able to afford insurance and will subsequently drive without the proper liability coverage. As a result, all Las Vegans pay higher premiums because of the costs associated with accidents involving uninsured drivers.

And it doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. Through the first 65 days of 2012, 20 people have died on roads in Las Vegas, according to Metro Police. That’s double the number of deaths at this point last year.

The bottom line? Las Vegas drivers have another reason to be extra careful on the roadways – because getting into accidents can boost your auto insurance rates even higher.