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Taser Gun Injuries

Electric stun guns are becoming more and more popular today. Individuals who are not comfortable with handguns are buying them for personal protection, and law enforcement agencies are utilizing them as an alternative to lethal force.

These stun guns, commonly known by their brand name of Tasers, are designed to incapacitate a person by sending tens of thousands of volts of energy through its wires and into the target. Though the manufacturer classifies Tasers as non-lethal weapons, dozens of serious injuries and deaths have been reported after a Taser was used.

Some victims report significant bodily damage after being struck by a Taser. In addition to bruising and scarring from electrical burns, muscle weakness and spasms have been noted long after being Tasered.

taser, gun, stun, injury, injuries, tasers, lawyer, Las VegasDespite the company’s insistence that Tasers are safe, the U.S. Department of Justice has not yet approved them for general use. And many states, cities, and other municipalities have not permitted their law enforcement agencies to use them on suspected criminals.

Members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are outfitted with Tasers, though there are extensive restrictions on their usage. And Tasers can be legally carried by civilians throughout the state of Nevada.

But just because Tasers are legal and widespread doesn’t mean that they are always employed properly. There are numerous cases throughout the country where Tasers have been used incorrectly or in the wrong situations by police – and severe injuries or even deaths have occurred as a result. And like with firearms, private citizens can certainly inflict brutal harm on others if they choose to fire their Tasers in inappropriate situations.

If you have suffered significant injuries due to a Taser – either at the hands of police or another person – you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You deserve compensation for any permanent injury you may have suffered as a result of the Tasering, especially if someone used the device in excessive force.