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Street Racing: A Potentially Deadly Hobby

Driving comes with inherent dangers. Even if we reached a point where people quit driving while using their cell phones, quit driving while drunk or high, and quit breaking traffic laws to get to their destination 30 seconds earlier, auto accidents would likely still happen. But there are some high risk driving behaviors that take accidents...

Street Racing Suspected in Fatal Northwest Las Vegas Crash

Trees that are situated near Las Vegas roadways are supposed to add some scenery to what is often a dusty, sandy landscape. Unfortunately, those trees can sometimes be deadly if a vehicle crashes into one of them. Last month in Summerlin, a car lost control and struck a tree in the median, killing a passenger....

Street Racing Suspected in Fatal Accident in Las Vegas

Trying to avoid motor vehicle collisions in Las Vegas can be difficult enough under normal circumstances. But the odds of a serious accident increase dramatically when one or more drivers are actively engaging in a dangerous activity – like, say, street racing.  That appears to be the case in a fatal crash in Las Vegas...

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