Gel Manicures Can Cause Nerve Damage

June 5th, 2010 by Farhan Naqvi in Personal Injury

Manicures known as “gel manicures” have been linked to nerve damage in some women. Patrons getting gel manicures get their nails sanded down with a vibrating electric file, then painted with a “gel” mixture which is solidified when the nails are heated under an ultraviolet lamp.

Nerve Damage a Major Concern in Many Accidents

May 29th, 2010 by Farhan Naqvi in Personal Injury

The cost of care for paraylsis can reach the millions over a lifetime. You may require 24 hour care, depending on the extent of the paralysis. Again, this is why you should contact a qualified personal injury lawyer. We will fight to get the compensation you need to cover those large medical bills along with lost wages and reimbursement for pain and suffering.

How Las Vegas Insurance Companies Value Property Damage on Your Wrecked Car

May 6th, 2010 by Farhan Naqvi in Car Accidents

If you’ve hired a lawyer to handle your personal injury claim, feel free to discuss your property damage claim (you have attorney-client privilege so no worries about sharing sensitive information) and see what your legal options are to ensure maximum compensation. We assist all our clients with their property damage issues free of charge.

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