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Will “Texting and Walking” Soon Become Illegal?

 "Heading to Hipster Coffee and Zen bar… join me?" "It’s raining out here. Grr!" "Where R U? I’m wearing a red shirt and a black hoodie." "Ill b thre in5 mintss" If one lawmaker in Carson City has his way, these thoughtful and momentous messages may soon become a thing of the past. That’s because...

UPDATE – Handheld Cell Phone Ban Leads to Problem

The entire state of Nevada is into its first full week of a ban on handheld cell phone use while driving. The legislation was enacted in an effort to prevent auto accidents that arise from electronic device-caused distracted driving. Early reports indicate that many drivers in the state are obeying the new law. But like...

Cell Phone Use While Driving May be Outlawed Soon in Nevada

Currently in the United States, no state has enacted a comprehensive ban on cell phone use while driving. Thirty states have outlawed texting while driving, and California only allows hands-free cell phone use. But at this time, Nevada does not have any restrictions on cell phone use while driving. That may change sometime this year....

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