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Serious Burns Can Lead to Serious, Permanent Injuries

Over one million Americans suffer burn injuries every year. Many times, these injuries are caused by the actions of someone else. A woman driving in Pahrump could get sideswiped by a truck and become trapped in her vehicle while it is engulfed by flames. A man in Green Valley could experience electrical burns if a power pole is knocked over during a storm. Or a worker in a Las Vegas hotel could get scalded by a hot grill which was accidentally left on.

A burn occurs when skin tissue is damaged by an external source. Most burns are caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, sunlight, or radiation.

Superficial (or 1st-degree) burns are found when just the outer skin layer is affected. Usually, the burned area heals completely.

But with dermal (or 2nd degree) burns, the second layer of skin (the dermis) receives damage. Scarring is usually present even after the burn heals.

In the case of full-thickness (or 3rd degree) burns, the third layer of skin, which supports fat and subcutaneous tissue, is harmed. Skin grafts are needed to repair the burned skin, and not only will the area remain scarred for life, the skin often ceases to sweat, grow hair, or generate skin cells permanently

The most serious type of burn is a 4thdegree burn, which extends all the way through the skin and into underlying tissue. These burns can cause irreversible muscle or ligament damage and can even be life-threatening.

If you have suffered a serious burn injury because of the recklessness or negligence of someone else, you should contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who will be able to help answer important questions about the legal process and will determine if filing a lawsuit  is appropriate to get you reimbursed for your medical treatment, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.