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Why Recording Your Daily Commute Makes Sense

Commuting to work is something more and more of us find ourselves doing. Whether it’s because we have moved to a suburb so our kids can have a nice yard in which to play, or because our employer is the one who has left the city, many of us find ourselves making long drives to start and end our work days. While these voyages can begin to feel quite routine, they can also result in unfortunate and often catastrophic car accidents. For that reason, and others, it may make sense to record your daily commute.


What is Commute Recording?

On a basic level, recording your commute is exactly what it sounds like: using technology available today to record information about your driving and the conditions around you. But this is not just hooking up a video camera on your rear view mirror. There is technology available now that is specifically designed to collect much more detailed driving data. PC World recently described some of the more popular options. One option involves a free smartphone app combined with a $100 dongle that you plug into your car’s onboard diagnostics port. Other options use just your smartphone (and its GPS capabilities). There are even options available for those who bike or use public transit to commute.

Why Does Commute Recording Make Sense?

Commute recording may seem like a little bit of a hassle, and while it’s something you opt into yourself, you may be uncomfortable with the idea of recording your travels. But there are benefits to doing so that might just make the initial discomfort worth it. These benefits include:

Collection of helpful information in case of an accident

Some recording devices record information from your car about problems your car may be having, including engine issues or sudden changes in wheel speed. In fact, NPR reports that more than 90 percent of new cars may have this sort of technology built in. However, this type of technology can only do so much. In order to put this data into context, you may want an additional recording system that shows what the surrounding conditions were before and during the crash. While your car’s computer will show that you sped up or came to a sudden stop at a given moment, it will not show why. A device or app that recorded the surrounding conditions could show why another driver’s actions caused you to react the way you did.

Collection of information you can use to improve your fuel economy

Some recorders can show you how your driving style is affecting your fuel economy. You can look at the data regarding your acceleration and braking habits, and see how you can alter your driving to improve your fuel economy, which ultimately will improve your bank balance.

Recording your commute, along with others, can help predict the fastest routes to take

Some recording applications compile data and reports from all users in an area so that they can have detailed real-time information about traffic jams, road closures, and even speed traps. If you participate in one of these services, you can access that information and avoid getting stuck yourself.

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