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QUIZ: Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

In our ongoing efforts to educate motorists in Las Vegas, we present to you another important quiz about motorcycle safety.

Below are 20 different situations involving motorcycle accidents. Your job is to pick out the ones which are common in Las Vegas (and around the country). Then take the letters of the choices you selected, and unscramble them to form two words which describe something that motorcyclists never want to be involved in.

The correct answer can be found on our Twitter feed @Farhannaqvi. Good luck!

  1. a pickup truck that switches lanes into a spot that’s already occupied by a motorcycle
  2. a car that rear-ends a motorcycle that is stopped at a red traffic light
  3. an SUV that comes to a complete stop at a stop sign, but then drives through an intersection and doesn’t see a motorcycle which has the right of way
  4. a UFO crashing into a motorcycle
  5. a car that turns left but doesn’t notice an oncoming motorcycle
  6. a roller skater that turns left in a roller rink but loses control, careens into the parking lot, and slams into a motorcycle
  7. a wooly mammoth wandering into the road into the path of a motorcycle
  8. a teenage driver who is using a cell phone to talk or text drifts out of his/her lane and clips a motorcycle in the adjacent lane
  9. a van which rear-ends a motorcycle because its driver is following too closely and cannot slow down as suddenly as the bike does
  10. a motorized scooter from the nursing home which is following too closely on a freeway and rear-ends a motorcycle
  11. a tractor-trailer that makes a right turn onto a sidestreet, but swings too wide in the process and clips a motorcycle in the opposite lane of the sidestreet
  12. a motorcycle being hit by a speeding snail
  13. a motorcycle being hit by a speeding blowfish
  14. a motorcycle being hit by a speeding cactus
  15. a motorcycle being hit by a pterodactyl
  16. a motorcycle being hit by a flying pig
  17. a motorcycle being hit by Angelina Jolie
  18. a drunk driver who is impaired enough to collide with a motorcycle
  19. a driver who has smoked marijuana or snorted cocaine and is impaired enough to collide with a motorcycle
  20. a motorcycle colliding with a nuclear warhead

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