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Police Arrest Numerous Drunk Drivers Over Labor Day Weekend

Law enforcement agencies stepped up their efforts to apprehend drunk drivers in Las Vegas and Clark County over the long Labor Day weekend.  A total of 45 drunk driving arrests were made in southern Nevada during the holiday weekend, according to the Las Vegas Sun. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that Labor Day weekend is the second deadliest holiday for motorists across the country.

This increase in enforcement was highlighted by four sobriety checkpoints which were set up for an eight-hour period spanning Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Two of them were in Las Vegas proper, one was in North Las Vegas, and the fourth was manned in Henderson. Several police agencies also beefed up standard patrols in areas where drunk drivers were likely to be found.

This is all good news for Clark County drivers and residents. But the bad news is that police agencies do not have enough resources to maintain this level of vigilance against drunk drivers throughout the entire year. So that means that the chances of an intoxicated driver injuring or killing you or someone you love have increased now that the Labor Day weekend is behind us.

While law enforcement agencies are responsible for catching drunk drivers and the courts can levy fines or jail sentences, accident victims need a lawyer to fight for compensation for their injuries, lost time at work, and any pain and suffering they have endured. So if a drunk driver has caused an accident in which you or a family member was injured, you should contact a drunk driving lawyer after you have received the proper medical attention.