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Pedestrian Crossing Accidents a Major Problem in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has one of the highest incidents of pedestrian accidents in the country. Why? Because the sheer volume of pedestrians hitting the pavement and enjoying a stroll along the Vegas strip increase the likelihood that someone crossing the street will get hit by a car or truck.

crosswalk, accident, injury, injuries, pedestrian, crossingA crosswalk accident can have serious consequences for the pedestrian. You could wind up suffering broken bones, a herniated disc, paralysis or a traumatic brain injury. And there are many pedestrians who lose their life after getting hit by a vehicle. The disparity in size and force between a pedestrian and a vehicle means the brunt of the accident is forced on the pedestrian, so the effects on the human body are quite severe.

What should you do if you’ve been hurt in a crosswalk accident? Well, first and foremost, seek medical attention. Even if you didn’t break a bone, you should see a doctor because you may have suffered internal bleeding or, as mentioned in the earlier paragraph, suffered a serious head injury.

After you’ve been treated, consult with an injury lawyer. We can help guide you through the injury claims process to help make sure you get compensated for your injury, any lost wages, and pain and suffering. We can also pursue punitive damages if it turns out you were hit by a drunk driver (very common on the streets of Las Vegas).

You should speak to a Las Vegas injury lawyer even if you had a couple beers prior to the crosswalk accident, or you failed to cross the street at a designated crosswalk. In both of these scenarios, you may still have a legitimate personal injury claim. Many people think that just because they had a couple drinks or crossed in the middle of the street that their injury case won’t go anywhere. This is not true in many instances. You have to factor in the negligence on the part of the at-fault driver. They may have been distracted talking on their cell phone or texting and wound up hitting you or been drinking themselves. In Nevada, the law allows for what’s called “comparative negligence” which means a jury can award damages based a percentage of negligence from both parties. So as long as you are found less than 51% at fault, you still may be able to receive compensation.