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Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents Particularly Serious in Nevada

Any type of traffic accident can have devastating consequences. However, when you are the victim of a bicycle accident or a pedestrian accident, the consequences are often even more dire. Injuries are likely in these accidents, and the injuries that result are likely to be severe. That is why when you or someone you love is a victim of this sort of accident you need the assistance of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney, who can help you recover compensation in a civil lawsuit to help you pay for medical bills, damaged property, and other costs associated with the accident.


Nevada is Particularly Dangerous for Pedestrians

KTVN News 2 recently reported that the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has had to request additional funding to make our roadways safer due to the extraordinary number of pedestrian accidents across the state. The funds would be split between Reno and Las Vegas. NDOT is considering measures like installing traffic signals at intersections that are particularly dangerous for pedestrians to cross. According to Meg Ragonese, an NDOT representative, pedestrian deaths have risen sharply in Nevada in the last few years. While there were 35 pedestrian deaths statewide in 2009, last year there were almost 70. In other words, in a mere five years the number of deaths has nearly doubled.

Nationwide the Number of Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured by Drivers is Shocking

Pedestrian and cyclist safety is not just a Nevada problem, however. Nationwide walkers and cyclists are dying in accidents at a shocking rate. According to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, a whopping 4,743 pedestrians and 726 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles in 2012. That means more than 12 pedestrians were killed by cars each and every day that year. A pedestrian was injured almost once every seven minutes that same year. These injuries are extremely costly. Just the cost of pedestrian injuries to children age 14 and under is at least $5.2 billion per year.

The 726 bicyclists killed that year represented over two percent of the people killed in traffic crashes. Roughly 50,000 bicyclists are injured each year. The total cost of bicyclist injuries each year is over $4 billion. For some reason men are much more likely to die in these accidents, with 88 percent of those killed in 2012 being male. Roughly two-thirds of the fatalities happened in urban areas, and the average age of the cyclists killed was 43 years old. Being hit by a car accounts for almost one-third of all bicycle accidents.

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