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Pedestrian Accident Kills Man On Strip in Las Vegas

The summer months are approaching, and that means a surge in the number of tourists coming to Las Vegas to party and gamble on the Strip. Las Vegas residents may shake their heads when they hear stories of some tourists drinking too much, getting behind the wheel, and trying to dodge others who are jaywalking all over the place.

But we should all keep in mind that Las Vegans are not immune from such tragedy. This point was illustrated in an auto-pedestrian accident involving two Las Vegas residents on the Strip early Thursday morning. And both of them demonstrated poor judgment which may have contributed to the accident.

Just after midnight on Thursday, 58-year old Russell Barnet Fix III was crossing Las Vegas Boulevard on foot near the Four Seasons Hotel. Witnesses say that Fix entered the roadway in a crosswalk, but then left the crosswalk and began jaywalking diagonally toward a bus stop. This occurred just as a 1998 Ford F-150 pickup truck was traveling northbound on the Strip. The truck struck Fix, who died at the scene of multiple traumatic injuries.

The vehicle was driven by 28-year old Aleesha Daly, who is also a Las Vegas resident. Though the auto-pedestrian collision was ruled an accident by authorities, Daly was arrested by Metro Police on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Several questions surround this awful event. Could the accident have been avoided if Fix had remained in the crosswalk? Was Daly actually driving drunk – and if so, did it play a part in the accident? These are the types of issues that a jury might have to sort out in the event that a wrongful death lawsuit is filed by Fix’s family members against Daly. But this calamity should remind us that it’s not just tourists who act unwisely and get involved in accidents on the Strip.