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Overview of Out of Court Settlements for Las Vegas Personal Injury Claims

If you have filed a personal injury claim in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada, you may already be preparing yourself for the future trial that you may go through. But here’s something most people don’t know: the vast majority of lawsuits never reach the trial phase. Instead, most of them end with an out of court settlement.

Usually, an out of court settlement consists of a plaintiff (i.e. you) agreeing to drop his or her lawsuit in exchange for a negotiated sum of money (and sometimes a few other conditions). These settlements are attractive because you get compensated for your injury and the defendant can avoid being involved in further litigation. Because these settlements take place out of court, they cannot be appealed by either party (unlike a court verdict, which can often be appealed).

At its core, an out of court settlement is an agreement between a plaintiff and a defendant which they both must consent to. Even though the attorneys for both sides carry out most of the negotiations and can advise their clients on their course of action, the parties named in the lawsuit have the final say. In other words, you always have a choice whether to agree to an out of court settlement or proceed to trial with your case.

So whether you are suing another motorist for a car accident in Pahrump, a Boulder City grocery store whose wet floor made you slip and fall, or a Summerlin nursery where you were injured by falling pallets of potting soil, you will likely be given the option somewhere during the process to accept an out of court settlement. It’s an important decision. You need to be sure you have an attorney working for your best interests. I’ve heard about attorneys who have absoltely no interest in going to trial and will do anything to settle (even if it is detrimental to you, the client).

Be sure, when you are looking for representation, to hire a Las Vegas lawyer who is not afraid to take your case all the way to trial if need be.