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Jessica’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

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Auto AccidentJoanna’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Marquis was rear-ended in an auto-accident, resulting in a 360-degree turn and hit a pole. He experienced back problems and needed help quickly. He contacted Farhan and his team stepped in to helped relieve stress right away. Marquis was always treated like family. Farhan and his team made sure Marquis understood everything from point A to point B. The team at Naqvi Injury Law sees clients as humans and wants them to have an exceptional experience.

Auto AccidentMarquis’ Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Diane was rear-ended in an auto accident. Her car was totaled and she was in need of surgical procedures. Diana was out of work and needed help with medical bills. She contact Naqvi Injury Law’s team, they explained everything she needed to know. Diane was constantly treated with respect. Farhan and his team made sure the insurance company took responsibly, Diane left very satisfied with her outcome.

Auto AccidentDiane’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Jeff was in an auto accident that led him to physical therapy and ultimately an operation. His insurance tried to make him say things he wasn’t comfortable with; therefore he decided to use Naqvi Injury Law. Farhan was confident and sure of himself. Jeff knew Naqvi Injury Law’s team was always in his corner and would do everything they could to provide proper legal representation from the beginning to the end.

Auto AccidentJeff’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Rob was heading to work when a car ran a red light. The vehicle slammed right into him. Rob wanted someone who wasn’t afraid to say “Okay, we’ll see you in court”. He knew Farhan would be the best attorney for him. Farhan is dedicated to hiring the best people to make sure his clients get the best possible results. Rob never felt like just a number, he always felt like Naqvi Injury Law had his best interests at heart.

Auto AccidentRob’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Cassia was in a car accident that resulted in her having lower back and spine injuries. She was constantly in pain and was not receiving any treatment. Cassia needed help. She called Farhan and was seen by a doctor immediately after her first meeting with the law firm. Farhan wants to make sure his clients get better as soon as possible. He treats every client the same as family and cares about each and every outcome.

Auto AccidentCassia’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Bill was driving his brand new car when he was T-ed in a car accident. Bill experienced wrist and neck pain, so he contacted Farhan right away. He told the team what happened and what he needed, Farhan said “Sure, no problem”. Farhan set up everything Bill needed in order to take care of his injuries. Bill was able to then focus on his rehabilitation while the Naqvi Injury Law firm took care of the rest. Bill received the best possible outcome and recommends Naqvi Injury Law to anyone who wants the best.

Auto AccidentBill’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

David was hit by a tow truck and received multiple injuries. He found dealing with insurance companies to be difficult. A close friend highly recommended Naqvi Injury Law, David soon learned that Farhan and his team are the best. They got back to him as soon as possible and got results quickly. Farhan believes that clients are the reason they are here so he and his team will treat them like family. David left satisfied and said, “I will absolutely recommend Naqvi Injury Law”.

Auto AccidentDavid’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Richard was hit by a pickup truck that was backing up into the expressway. He was injured in the auto accident and when he went to see his doctors Richard was turned down due to it being an insurance claim. Richard’s accident happened on a Friday, he called Naqvi’s office Friday evening and was in the office at 8 am on Saturday morning meeting with Farhan. Their office is easy to contact and if you want to speak with Farhan, you will speak with Farhan directly. Naqvi Injury Law knows this is a difficult time for the clients; therefore, the team will do whatever they can for the best possible outcome. Richard stated, “I trusted them, and I am glad I did”.

Auto AccidentRichard’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Loni was a passenger in a car when another car hit her passenger side. Medical debts racked up and Loni wasn’t sure how insurance companies worked. She was referred to Naqvi Injury Law. Loni felt very comfortable and welcomed from day one. Employees at Naqvi Injury Law become invested into their clients and their wellbeing’s. Farhan and his team helped Loni pay off her bills, buy a new car, and always checked in on her. The team at Naqvi takes their time and listens to every word clients have to say in order to create the best possible outcomes.

Auto AccidentLoni’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law

Stanford was rear-ended in an auto accident. His medical insurance would not pay the bills and Stanford found it difficult to work with them, so he knew he needed a confident attorney to help him. Farhan stood out to him and became a clear choice for Stanford in order to succeed. Naqvi Injury Law treats clients like family and gives them respect. Naqvi’s team communication is excellent and they are always upfront about everything. They want every client to feel prepared about the entire process so they feel comfortable to rely on Farhan to make sure they receive the best possible results.

Auto AccidentSanford’s Story: Naqvi Injury Law



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