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Man Wins Settlement from Taser Corporation After Suffering Serious Injuries

I’ve talked about electric stun gun injuries (otherwise known as Taser guns) before. These weapons can deliver tens of thousands of volts into the body of a victim. Some victims of Taser guns have reported symptoms and effects long after the incident passed – and some people had even died after being shocked with a Taser.

Many individuals have sued the Taser Corporation alleging that the stun guns are more dangerous than they are reported to be. Company officials have always claimed that the weapons were either used improperly by law enforcement agencies or that the victims had an underlying condition which contributed to their injuries or loss of life. And in the past, the company has gotten away with it.

But that may be about to change.

In Watsonville, California (CA), a man was awarded $2.85 million in a settlement with Taser Corporation related to an anoxic brain injury after he was shocked by a stun gun. As part of the settlement, the company did not admit to causing 49-year-old Steven Butler’s brain injury. But Taser Corporation was unsuccessful in getting the dollar amount of the settlement sealed by the court. This marks the first time that a “price tag” has been attached to a personal injury lawsuit involving Taser guns.

In October 2006, Butler was shocked by a Watsonville police officer using a Taser X-26 after Butler refused to get off of a bus. Butler went into cardiac arrest, and medical personnel needed 18 minutes to revive him. By then, Butler had suffered irreparable brain damage. Today, Butler has no short-term memory, decreased mobility and motor skills, and the need for 24-hour care.

This settlement could potentially be the first of many reached between Taser Corporation and plaintiffs who have sued the company over stun gun use. If you have suffered injuries from an electric stun gun, seek medical attention and then contact a personal injury attorney right away to discuss your legal options.