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Nevada drivers fail to keep their eyes on the road. As a result, they find themselves forced to take sudden action to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle. But in the process, there is still a side-to-side or “sideswipe” collision. While this may not sound as serious as a head-on or a T-bone collision, a sideswipe accident can still do significant damage to the impacted car and its occupants.

Sideswipe accidents also frequently occur when a driver makes an improper lane change. Nevada traffic laws expressly require all drivers to take the following steps before moving from one lane of traffic to another:

  • Check oncoming traffic using both rear and side-view mirrors;
  • Signal traffic–i.e., turn on your blinkers before changing lanes–at least 10 car lengths (100 feet) when traveling on city streets or 30 car lengths (300 feet) on highways or freeways;
  • Check any blind spots by looking over the shoulder; and
  • Never change lanes while in an intersection.

A driver who causes a sideswipe accident by failing to follow these rules of the road can be held liable for any injuries sustained by other drivers or passengers. At Naqvi Injury Law, we focus on helping victims of Las Vegas sideswipe accidents and other motor vehicle collisions obtain compensation from these negligent drivers. Any type of car or truck accident is a serious matter. In many cases, the full extent of your injuries may not be apparent until days or weeks later. This is why you should never rush into any type of insurance settlement or sign a legal waiver without first speaking to a qualified Nevada personal injury attorney.

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Thoroughly Investigating Your Accident

Insurance companies are particularly resistant to paying claims based on injuries sustained in sideswipe accidents. Since these type of collisions often produce less physical damage to the vehicle than, say, a T-bone accident, the insurers (and their attorneys) will often try to argue the impact could not have caused any significant injuries to the victims. As a former insurance company lawyer himself, attorney Farhan Naqvi knows how these arguments work. He also knows how to defeat such arguments in court. That is why he has never lost a case that has gone to a jury trial.

A sideswipe accident may only last a fraction of a second, but it involves complex physics. Anytime that you have two vehicles traveling down a road–at legal speeds approaching 75 miles per hour on rural freeways–even a slight impact may set off a disastrous chain reaction. In the worst case scenario, the impacted car can be knocked off the road into a stationary object such as a utility pole or tree–or even into another moving vehicle. But even when that does not happen, the momentary, sudden shift in movement within the impacted car can cause serious neck injuries (whiplash) or other head and neck trauma that requires significant medical treatment.

The experienced legal team at Naqvi Injury Law will thoroughly investigate your sideswipe accident. We can reconstruct the scene, review police accident reports, question third parties who may have been witnesses, and most importantly deal with insurance companies on your behalf. While many personal injury claims can be resolved without going to court, we are prepared to litigate if it becomes necessary. Our only priority is making sure that you are fully compensated for your injuries and losses.

Establishing the Negligent Driver's Liability

While many sideswipe accidents are the result of simple carelessness–i.e., a driver not checking his or her mirrors before making a lane change–there may be other contributing factors. Our legal team will examine all of the possibilities to uncover the truth. Some of the more common explanations we have found for sideswipe accidents include:

  • A driver who was texting or using a cellphone while operating their vehicle, which is against the law in Nevada;
  • A driver who was distracted by some other activity in their car, e.g. changing a radio station or yelling at their kids in the back seat;
  • A fatigued driver, which is a common problem on highways where people may be traveling cross-country through Nevada and spending upwards of 18 hours on the road;
  • A drunk driver who is illegally operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal narcotics.

Whatever the cause (or causes), any evidence that can help establish a negligent driver’s liability can prove critical in recovering the full amount of damages for a sideswipe accident victim. You should never assume that a judge or jury will simply take your word for it that the other driver was at-fault. Remember, many defendants–and certainly all insurance companies–will have their own highly trained lawyers making their case. That is why you must have your own aggressive representation.

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How Can We Help You Following a Car Accident?

At Naqvi Injury Law, we understand that many accident victims are reluctant to contact an attorney after something like a sideswipe collision where the damage initially appears to be minor. Some people think it is best just to accept whatever the insurance company offers and be done with it. Unfortunately, such a short-term approach can often lead to long-term complications.

This is especially true when dealing with head and neck injuries, which can be notoriously difficult to diagnose. Most traumatic brain injuries, for instance, occur inside the victim’s head. There is no outward manifestation or physical symptoms, at least not right away. It may not be until weeks after the accident that the signs of a traumatic brain injury start to manifest, such as seizures, migraines, or sudden fatigue.

By accepting a quick insurance settlement of all accident-related claims, you may be signing away your rights to further compensation if a traumatic brain injury is later discovered. You may require years of expensive medical care, but once a settlement is final, you have no further legal remedies. This is why your first call after any car accident, even a “minor” sideswipe collision, should be to an attorney.

If you are worried that hiring a qualified Las Vegas sideswipe accident attorney is not worth the expense, please be advised that Naqvi Injury Law works exclusively on contingency. This means that you pay us nothing until we win. You will also find that our fees–typically between 25 and 33 percent of the final award–are significantly less than competing personal injury lawyers charge in Las Vegas.

We are committed to building an open, honest, and transparent relationship with you. Call Naqvi Injury Law today at (702) 553-1000 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team. There is no obligation. We only want to learn how we can help you.

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