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Lake Mead Boat Accident Critically Injures Man

This is the last week of summer in Nevada, so it’s not surprising to learn that some people are trying to squeeze in one more summertime activity before autumn arrives. Some of these folks will load up their boats and head to Lake Mead. Unfortunately, one individual didn’t enjoy his boating excursion this week.

Yesterday around noon, a 20-foot sport fishing boat was cruising on Lake Mead just north of the Hoover Dam when the vessel experienced mechanical problems. Shortly thereafter, a man was thrown from the boat into the water. Emergency personnel from the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the National Park Service responded to the boating accident and provided on-site treatment until the victim could be airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas. He is reportedly in critical condition, though it’s unclear exactly what his injuries are or how he sustained them.

Depending on the circumstances, it’s possible that the victim will have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. If the boat belongs to another person, then the owner may be named as a defendant if he or she failed to maintain the vessel well enough to avoid mechanical failure. If the boat ran over some debris in the water or struck an object (thus causing the mechanical failure), the driver of the sport fishing boat could be held responsible for the accident and be named as a defendant in the suit. If the boat’s problems are found to have been caused by a manufacturing defect, the maker of vessel could be named as a defendant as well.