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Investigators Probing Man’s Fatal Fall From Casino Parking Garage

By Farhan Naqvi, Personal Injury Lawyer in Nevada

It is not unusual to hear about accidents on casino properties in Las Vegas. On occasion, patrons slip and fall in wet pool areas, develop food poisoning after eating in casino restaurants, or drink too much and wander in front of a moving car in parking lots.

But one type of accident which tends to generate controversy is a fatal fall from a high-rise hotel or other building. That’s because it’s often difficult to determine if the casino itself has any liability in the incident.

This week, investigators are looking into why a man fell to his death from the tenth story of a parking garage of the Venetian Hotel and Casino on the Strip in Las Vegas. The body was discovered about 7:10pm Sunday evening in the valet area of the garage. Initial reports indicated that the incident was a suicide.

However, a TV station is reporting that the man may have fallen to his death by accident. There is reportedly evidence to suggest that the victim might have been attempting to take a photograph of the city’s skyline.

Among other things, investigators are trying to determine exactly how the man fell off the structure. Was he bending over a barrier? Did a protective cable give way? Did he simply lose his balance? Had he been drinking at the time of the accident?

The answers to these questions will have a substantial effect on the grounds for any potential wrongful death lawsuit that may be filed by the man’s heirs. The plaintiffs would have to show that the casino was negligent in its duty to protect people from falls such as this. But it’s quite possible that there simply won’t be enough evidence discovered to prove or disprove such a claim.

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