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Fatal Rollover Accident East of Las Vegas Kills 3, Injures 2

What do you get when you combine alcohol, excessive speed, a dark desert road, and no seat belt usage? A disastrous tragedy.

This perfect storm of dangers claimed the lives of three people aged 15 to 20 this weekend on State Route 147 east of Las Vegas. About 3am Sunday morning, a Chevrolet Suburban was traveling on 147 near Pabco Road when it left the highway, rolled over, and erupted in flames.

The 20-year old driver, Sergio Diaz, along with a 15-year old girl and 18-year old Omar Jimenez, all died as a result of the rollover accident. Another 15-year old girl and 18-year old Eliza Cortez were ejected from the vehicle but survived. Jimenez was also ejected, but was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two occupants were unable to get out of the burning SUV.

Nevada Highway Patrol says that none of the victims were wearing their seat belts at the time the vehicle left the road. While the precise cause of the crash has not been determined as of yet, the NHP believes that alcohol and excessive speed were factors in the rollover accident.

As you can see, there are a host of conditions which had an impact on this dreadful event. However, if the families of the victims decide to file wrongful death lawsuits or personal injury lawsuits, who will likely be found liable? Sergio Diaz – because he was driving.

But if the 20-year old was on his own and not a dependent, there’s a reasonably good chance that he didn’t have much assets to his name. If this is the case, then the plaintiffs might not receive much compensation at all in court proceedings.

As we said – a disastrous tragedy for everyone.