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DUI Guilty Plea for Rocker Vince Neil in Las Vegas

Drunk driving is one of those crimes that seemingly doesn’t discriminate. Rich and poor, famous and ordinary, old and young – individuals of every race and background are commonly charged with driving under the influence. That point was illustrated yesterday when a well-known musician and Las Vegas bar owner was convicted of DUI.

Vince Neil, the frontman for the famous rock band Motley Crue, pled guilty to DUI in a courtroom in Las Vegas. As part of the plea agreement, Neil will serve 15 days in jail beginning February 15, followed by another 15 days of house arrest.

The conviction stems from a June 26 incident in which Neil was pulled over in his Lamborghini after leaving Las Vegas’ Hilton hotel, where Tres Rios Cantina, the bar that Neil owns, is located. A subsequent test revealed that Neil’s blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. The arrest came just days after Neil reportedly announced that he had just found sobriety.

The jail sentence was lighter than the 20 days of incarceration that Neil received in 1984 for a DUI conviction. In that incident, he was charged with DUI after crashing his vehicle in Los Angeles and recording a BAC of .17. Tragically, the collision took the life of Nicholas Dingley, the drummer for rock band Hanoi Rocks. In addition to his criminal sentence, Neil paid over $2 million in restitution.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a drunk driver in Las Vegas or Clark County, you should contact a qualified DUI attorney. He or she can file a lawsuit on your behalf seeking damages and compensation from the responsible party.