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Don’t Turn Your Motorcycle into a Magic Act

We have all heard of it. Maybe you have performed the trick yourself. It’s called the Amazing Disappearing Motorcycle Illusion. As magic tricks go, it is more dangerous than most. In fact more people have died or been seriously injured while performing this illusion than any other magic trick—ever. The reason this act takes so many lives is that there are far too many amateurs attempting it without knowing how it works.

So, in the interest of public safety and while breaking the magician’s code, here are all of the secrets to completely disappear when riding your motorcycle.


Secret #1 – You are already invisible

Did you see how easy that was? All you did was start your motorcycle and head down the street and voila! You’re invisible. If you think you have this trick down, you are wrong: dead wrong. (Pardon the cliché) The secret to this illusion is how to not get hit by a car or truck when you are invisible. All other secrets focus on just that.

Secret #2 – Never forget that you are invisible

It doesn’t matter that the lady behind the wheel of her Suburban looks right at you, she can’t see you; nobody can. The split-second you forget that is when the Suburban becomes a wall of steel and glass you hit at 45 mph. To show you that your invisibility act is working, the first thing the woman will say is that she didn’t see you.

Secret #3 – Be a loner

One key to free you from the probability of getting hit by a car or truck is to stay away from cars and trucks. Don’t ride with the traffic. If you are in the front of the line at a red light, use the speed of your bike to separate yourself from the pack when the light turns green. If you are riding in a pack on a divided highway, slow down and ride in that empty space behind you. The more space you give the other vehicles on the road from you, the less likely it is they can hit you.

Secret #4 – Prepare for the worst

Because you are invisible, you have to be ready for cars and trucks to pull in front of you, change lanes on top of you, or rear end you when stopped. That means that whenever you are in a situation where that might happen, you have to have an exit strategy. Sometimes you can get out of danger by slowing down or speeding up. When you realize that every window on the car next to you is a blind spot, you don’t want to spend more than a nanosecond next to it. And if you are riding through an intersection, where are you going to steer when the car coming the other direction turns left in front of you? You have two choices; slow down enough that you could stop if need be or be ready to lay down your bike. No matter the situation, prepare for the worst.

Secret #5 – After an accident be visiblee

If you get hit by a car, the driver’s insurance company will want you to disappear, of all things. The attorneys for the insurance company may even offer you what looks like a lot of money, if you promise to go away. Don’t; instead give Naqvi Injury Law a call. We will make you and your case visible until you get the compensation you need and deserve for your accident. That is our trick.