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Car Crashes Into Restaurant in Las Vegas; 10 Injured

You know those stories that would be hilariously funny if people didn’t get hurt? This is one of those stories.

It begins with an 18-year old "man" who was driving around Las Vegas with a 21-year old buddy.

Around 12:30pm Monday, they were traveling along Sahara Avenue and had just passed Arville Street when their 1993 Lexus LS400 entered a left-turn lane. But the car then struck a median and careened into eastbound traffic, where it was struck by two different vehicles. The Lexus then reportedly struck the south curb, hit a low wall, went airborne, and landed in the courtyard of a restaurant where people were eating. A total of ten people were injured, and three adults and one child were pinned under the car for as long as half an hour.

Meanwhile, the genius who was driving the Lexus reportedly jumped out of the car and tried to run. Thankfully, he was tackled by witnesses, and both he and his buddy were eventually handcuffed by police. While the two men were sitting on the curb, the passenger denied that the driver had been drinking or taking drugs; and when he was asked to provide his name, he replied, "(Expletive) Santa Claus."

Well, "Kris Kringle’s" homey was arrested on DUI-drugs charges and faces as many as ten personal injury lawsuits as well (why didn’t they just take the reindeer and sleigh, instead?). Perhaps his driver’s license will be buried in a "Ho Ho Hole" for a very long time.