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Can You Really Win Against a Casino?

Both locals and guests from all over the world regularly take advantage of the many benefits Las Vegas casinos have to offer. Whether because of gambling, the shows, or the dining, casinos can be a big draw. Unfortunately, sometimes guests at a casinos sustain injuries, either due to a slip and fall or some other sort of incident. The thought of going up against a major casino in court with its seemingly limitless funds and army of lawyers might be intimidating. But, in some cases, one really can win, even against a casino.


Casino Accidents

People can recover against casinos for accidents that happen on casino property. One such case was decided by the Nevada Supreme Court in Landmark Hotel & Casino v. Moore. In that case, 94-year-old Bertha Moore attempted to enter the Landmark Hotel through an entrance with automatic sliding glass doors. Before she made it completely into the building, the doors closed on her, injuring her severely. She sued Landmark and won. An expert testified in the case that the sort of doors in question should have been inspected every six months, and Landmark’s engineer testified that the inspections did not happen. Had the inspections occurred, the doors would not have closed on her with such force, and she would not have been injured so severely.

When a Casino Fails to Provide Sufficient Security

If you have been injured by some third party at a casino, you may think that it would be impossible to hold the casino responsible for that third party’s actions. However, if the third party was able to injure you because the casino failed to provide proper security, then you may be able to hold the casino responsible. In a certain case, McColl v. Scherer, the Nevada Supreme Court addressed this very issue. In that case, Ms. McColl alleged that a third party shot her twice with a pistol while she was at a casino. She argued that the employees of the casino had a duty to keep law and order at the casino and that, in the scope of their employment, they failed to do so. Ms. McColl’s case presented some unique issues because she too was an employee of the casino. However, even though her status as a casino employee could have barred her from recovering for personal injury against the casino, the Supreme Court ordered that the case should be allowed to proceed to trial. In another case, Canterino v. The Mirage Casino-Hotel, a man was able to recover against a casino after being beaten and robbed by a third party at the casino.

Call Naqvi Injury Law

Have you been injured in a Las Vegas area Casino? If so, call the experienced personal injury attorneys at Naqvi Injury Law. If you call us at (702)553-1000 we can schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your situation and determine whether there is anything our Las Vegas accident attorney’s can do to help. It’s important that you call as soon as possible, as Nevada law puts strict time limits on your ability to assert your legal rights.