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Cabbies: Be Careful Who You Insult in Your Cab

On this blog, you’ve read about taxicab accidents and taxi cabbie strikes. But until now, you haven’t seen any stories about taxicab ride refusals – even though you probably know someone who has a tale like this of their own.

Well, that changes today. Courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun, here’s a story about a cabdriver who chose the wrong guy to refuse service to.

It happened last week on Thursday night around 9:30pm. Business owner Michael Cornthwaite hailed a cab (its company was not disclosed in the piece) on Fourth Street and got inside, asking the driver to take him to his home in the Scotch 80s. We should point out that Cornthwaite has a beard and pony tail – which shouldn’t matter, but apparently it did.

Because the cabdriver just looked at Cornthwaite in the rearview mirror and then said, "People that look like you, they don’t pay me!” He then ordered Cornthwaite out of his cab – and even went around to the back seat and tried to pull Cornthwaite’s bag out the back door. (Both of these actions are illegal, by the way.)

Thinking quickly, Cornthwaite dialed the Nevada Taxicab Authority to lodge an official complaint. Eventually, the cabbie got back in the driver’s seat and demanded a deposit from his passenger (which is legal) before finally taking Cornthwaite to his home. The cabbie wound up apologizing profusely when he figured out that Cornthwaite was legit.

If something like this does ever happen to you, and you do want to lodge a complaint with the Nevada Taxicab Authority, you can call (702) 668-4005, or email the agency at [email protected]