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Black Ice Car Accidents

By Farhan Naqvi, Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Now that temperatures are starting to slip in Nevada as the holiday season approaches, motorists have another obstacle to worry about: black ice.

This point was illustrated recently when a car slid off of Route 158 on Mount Charleston. The car accident only left her with severe lacerations even though the vehicle rolled down an embankment. Authorities had to temporarily close the highway in order to clear the accident.

Though the official cause of the accident has not yet been determined, one Nevada Highway Patrol trooper speculated that black ice may have been a factor, noting the icy conditions on the mountain.

Black ice is defined as ice which is not easily visible on the roadway but still has the potential to cause auto accidents that are associated with icy conditions. In fact, many people feel that black ice is more dangerous because drivers do not notice the potential hazard and therefore do not take adequate precautionary measures.

However, it is important to note that any driver who causes an auto accident that was precipitated by black ice can still be held liable for the resulting damage and injuries. So here are a few tips on how to deal with black ice.

  • Know that the most likely times for black ice to be present are during the early morning (like the Mount Charleston accident) or the evening.
  • Watch for cars swerving for no reason. There’s a good chance that black ice could be the cause.
  • If you do hit black ice while driving, stay calm, brake as little as possible, and aim for a spot where there is more traction (like the gravelly roadside or a snow-covered median).

If you have suffered injuries in an auto accident caused by another motorist who lost control on black ice, you should consider consulting with a personal injury attorney.

About the Editor: Farhan R. Naqvi is a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who has experience representing victims injured in car accidents, drunk driver crashes, truck wrecks, slip and falls, taxi cab accidents, and bicycle crashes. He also has experience handling spine injury, product liability, underinsured/uninsured driver, and wrongful death cases. If you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident in Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, Boulder City, Green Valley, or Pahrump, give Farhan a call at 702-553-1000 for a free, no-hassle consultation.