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ATV Accident Kills Las Vegas Man; Family Sues Manufacturer

Riding off-road on an all-terrain vehicle can be fun if you keep safety in mind. So smart ATV riders wear a helmet and padding, take an instructional course on how to drive the vehicle, and remain mindful of other riders in the area. What these riders don’t expect is for the ATV to operate improperly. When this happens, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

That’s what the family of a Las Vegas man claimed happened in 2008 after he was killed while riding a Yamaha Rhino all-terrain vehicle. David Morgan was riding the ATV near Decatur Road and the 215 when the Rhino flipped, killing him. Now, a local television station reports that Morgan’s family is suing Yamaha Motor Company, claiming that the Rhino was manufactured with “faulty equipment.”

The Morgan family’s wrongful death lawsuit isn’t the only one that has been filed in connection with the Rhino. Yamaha has been named in dozens of other suits related to the ATV, which was voluntarily pulled from the market a year after Morgan died. Critics say that the Rhino’s narrow wheel base makes the ATV tip over without warning, even when it is being driven under normal conditions. A total of 46 deaths have allegedly been linked to the Rhino.

If Morgan’s family heirs are successful in their wrongful death lawsuit, they could be awarded damages for burial expenses, reimbursement for lost future wages that Morgan would have earned in his lifetime, compensation for pain and suffering, and perhaps even punitive damages if Yamaha is found to be at fault. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an ATV accident involving a Rhino, you may want to consult with a qualified product liability attorney.