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Advertising In Today’s Legal Enviroment

Farhan Naqvi’s views on advertising in Nevada in today’s legal environment were featured on the Clark County Bar Association September 2016 Communiqué. As a member of the Southern Nevada State Bar Lawyer Advertising Advisory Committee for the past three years, Naqvi has seen just about any and every advertisement that has been published, aired or posted. With this experience, he has great insight to what advertisements should look like in today’s legal environment.

As a licensed Nevada attorney, you are required to submit all ads to the committee for review of potential ethical violations. The State Bar’s guidelines are put into place to guarantee the ads are ethical and truthful, without overriding freedom of speech or constitutional first amendment rights. Naqvi is honored to have served time on this Advisory Committee, and will continue to ensure that all advertisements are ethical and truthful to the public.

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