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2 Auto-Pedestrian Accidents Involving Kids Occur on Friday in Valley

Halloween is a joyful time for many youngsters who love trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods. But many parents are a bit scared of the upcoming holiday because of the potential dangers that lurk when kids and cars are both out on the streets.

This past Friday did nothing to quell the fears of parents – because there were two auto-pedestrian accidents involving children on the same day.

On Friday morning, a nine-year old boy and his six-year old sister were in a marked crosswalk heading to school in Las Vegas when they were both hit by a car. The accident occurred in front of Paul Culley Elementary School, which is about a mile west of Las Vegas Golf Club. The boy only suffered scrapes and a bruised shoulder, but the girl sustained a broken femur and lost several teeth. The man driving the car that hit them claimed he never saw the children.

Tragedy struck again later that evening in North Las Vegas. Two teens and three young children were returning home from El Dorado Park just south of Tropical Parkway. The kids were crossing Camino Eldorado at the intersection of Bent Arrow Drive when a car entered the marked crosswalk where they were walking. The vehicle struck two six-year old girls and a five-year old girl. The girls were taken to University Medical Center in critical condition. Two of the victims are reportedly improving, but one of the six-year olds cannot breathe on her own. The 78-year old Henderson woman driving the car has not yet been charged.

Certainly, the parents of the victims will have strong cases for personal injury lawsuits against the drivers. But no amount of compensation can take away the horror and anguish that the families have suffered through because of these auto-pedestrian accidents.